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General considerations

• Depending on the conductor, scores are either transposed or concert scores. Please check in with the library before arranging or even sending pdf’s!
• In the score, parts may be combined on one staff. However, in the end, each player needs an own part! (Also see guidelines for parts.)
• Always use the same repeating’s (“roadmap”) for score and parts (meaning: do not create D.S. or other repeats in parts that are not in the score).

The order of instruments

Keep the order of players of the saxophone section. For example, if tenor saxophone is supposed to play soprano saxophone, it should be kept in the place of the tenor (e.g. as instrument change).

Specifications (scores)

Paper Size
full orchestra: 297 x 420 mm (=A3) portraitbig band: 257 x 364 mm (=B4 JIS) landscape

Staff Height
at least 4 mm

Paper margin left
15 mm

Paper margin right
15 mm

Paper margin top
10 mm

Paper margin bottom
10 mm

Bars per system
portrait 4-6;landscape: 6-8

Bar numbers
centered in every bar;big font size

Position bar numbers
preferably somewhere halfway the page

Rehearsal numbers
big, bold and placed in a box

Page numbers
top or bottom corners of each page

Title use
big fonts on the first page;small fonts on the following pages (top centre of every page)

Instrument names
full names on first page;abbreviations on subsequent pages

vocal parts are always written including readable lyrics