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General considerations

• All parts are transposed.
• Each player has an own part.
• Use multi rests in parts and combine them where possible into one system. (Help us to protect and save the environment!)
• Preferably avoid auto system breaks, line or page breaks.
• Always use the same repeating’s (“roadmap”) for score and parts (meaning: do not create D.S. or other repeats in parts that are not in the score).

Paper Size
257 x 364 mm (=B4 JIS) portrait

Staff Height
exactly 8 mm

Paper margin left
15 mm

Paper margin right
15 mm

Paper margin top
10 mm

Paper margin bottom
10 mm

Number of staves
first page: 9-10subsequent pages: 10-11(piano/harp: 12)

Bars per system
‘auto’ or manual page as well as system breaks are usually unnecessary

Bar numbers
every system normal font size, no box

Position bar numbers
left-aligned; on top or bottom of the system/clef

Rehearsal numbers
put them in a box;noticeable font size (reasonable size)

Page numbers
top or bottom corners of each page

big font on first page;other pages optional but only normal font size

Instrument names
full name in upper left corner of first page (big font size);normal font size on subsequent pages;do not name systems

vocal parts are always written with lyrics

Printable area (parts)