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Meet the Arrangers Workshop participants

From October 25 till 30, the Metropole Orkest invites arranging talent to work with the orchestra.
A special established committee led by Vince Mendoza, has selected 8 arrangers for the Arrangers Workshop. In October we’ll welcome arrangers from 8 different countries to our studio in Hilversum. They get to arrange for Becca Stevens and attend workshops by Vince Mendoza. On Tuesday October 30, the final concert of this special workshop takes place in LantarenVenster in Rotterdam.

We congratulate:

  • Philippe Maniez from France
  • Billy Marrows from the United Kingdom
  • Chelsea McBride from Canada
  • Fabia Mantwill from Germany
  • Rik van der Ouw from the Netherlands
  • Daniel Dickinson from the United States
  • Anze Vrabec from Slovenia
  • Eitan Gofman from Israel