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Jong Metropole

Jong Metropole (Young Metropole) is a unique collaboration between the Metropole Orkest, the NJO (National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands) and the NJJO (National Jazz Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands) with the aim of preparing young, talented musicians from classical and light music for a professional career. Jong Metropole combines the best of different music worlds: the excellent performance from the classical strings tradition with the swing, improvisation and timing from the jazz tradition.

The initiative is made possible with the support of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Keep an Eye Foundation.

For students, participating in Jong Metropole is a unique opportunity to gain experience through an extraordinary talent development program. It is the only educational institution in the Netherlands where orchestral pop and jazz is practiced in a professional manner. Students get to gain experience in the unique Metropole Orkest line up and on remarkable stages, such as the Grachtenfestival and Paradiso Amsterdam. In the current music business, genre boundaries are fading and young musicians need to be more flexible than ever before. Jong Metropole offers this unique knowledge and working experience: it is a stepping stone for young musicians and brings friendships for life.

After three succesful summer projects Jong Metropole is expanding!

Summer project
In August 2019 the orchestra will play an energetic program. Led by the young Japanese Miho Hazama, who has repeatedly directed big brother the Metropole Orchestra, the talented musicians give three concerts: in open-air theatre Zuiderparktheater in The Hague on Friday 9 August, in Former Radio Transmission Station Radio Kootwijk on Saturday 10 August, and during the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam on Sunday 11 August (free admission).

9 Aug. 2019 – Zuiderparktheater, Den Haag
10 Aug. 2019 – NJO Muziekzomer: Radio Kootwijk (tickets from June)
11 Aug. 2019 – Ponton voor Compagnietheater, Amsterdam (free admission)

Winter project
In March 2020, Jong Metropole will play the program ‘Snarky Puppy’ conducted by Jules Buckley. In 2016, the Metropole Orchestra won a prestigious Grammy for the album Sylva with the American jazz formation Snarky Puppy. Jong Metropole’s first winter project will be a Snarky Puppy program. Members of Snarky Puppy will come to the Netherlands to coach the Jong Metropole musicians. In addition, a Snarky Puppy formation will be compiled from the members of the orchestra. The concerts take place in Concertzaal Tilburg and Paradiso Amsterdam, among others.

13 March 2020 – Theaters Tilburg
14 March 2020 – Muziekcentrum van de Omroep, Hilversum (private concert)
15 March 2020 – Paradiso, Amsterdam
16 March 2020 – TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht


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Objectives Jong Metropole

  • To allow a young generation of top musicians (conservatory students from study programmes in classical and light music) to gain practical experience via an exceptional talent development programme.
  • To realise collaboration between classical and light music so that the students learn from each other’s approaches.
  • To create a new network.
  • To allow students to become familiar with all aspects of music practice via hands-on workshops so that they can experience first-hand how a production process works.
  • To allow all three partners to work with arrangers, composers and cultural economics students. The students are encouraged to make contact with each other and to create ideas and projects.
  • To raise a new generation of arrangers, composers and ensemble leaders.
  • To allow a broad public, with specific attention for a new and younger public, to make acquaintance with light music.
  • To provide a springboard for a career, to build up a strong CV, and to provide an opportunity to play in other orchestras.