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We have 2 openings.

Principal 2nd violins (50%)
Tutti 1st violins (50%)

Proefspel: 30 May 2018

– Mozart violin concerto no. 5: 1st part until the cadenza
– Part of a Romantic (and/or lyrical) work of choice
– Orchestral MO parts, will be sent 3 weeks before auditions

The first round will take place behind a screen. We reserve the right to make a pre-selection.

Following European regulations, musicians from countries outside the European Union and European Economic Area (Swiss residents are also exempt), are only invited when they are in possession of an unrestricted Dutch work and residence permit.
A work permit is also needed for EU residents from Bulgaria, Romania and Liechtenstein.

Please do not hesitate to contact our head of Personnel, Production & Planning, Sophie Koopmans via email or by phone +31 (0)644890904.

A letter of application with curriculum vitae (including nationality and date of birth) should be sent by email before 30 April 2018 to Stichting Metropole Orkest,