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Roadburn Festival: Die Wilde Jagd with Metropole Orkest

at 013 Tilburg

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Simon Dobson, dirigent

The incomparable Die Wilde Jagd will collaborate with the Metropole Orkest for a special concert at the Roadburn Festival on Sunday April 21. Die Wilde Jagd, the creative outlet of progressive musician Sebastian Lee Philipp, will probably be a familiar name for Roadburners. The band performed during Roadburn 2022. The festival in 013 in Tilburg is also not an unknown place for the orchestra. In 2019 they played here together with Tryptikon.

An important focus of the Metropole Orkest is the development of orchestral music. The orchestra does this, among other things, by collaborating with musical innovators, such as Sebastian Lee Philipp (of Die Wilde Jagd). He is one of the leading composers, producers and songwriters in the field of Krautrock, progressive and psychedelic rock from Germany.

Philipp wrote a new piece especially for the Metropole Orkest, and with support from Fonds Podiumkunsten, under the title ‘Lux Tenera – A Rite To Joy’. This piece will premiere during Roadburn Festival 2024. The title is a reference to the 19th century French poet Isidore Ducasse, who is considered the founder of the ‘poetry of the unconscious’, based on association and hallucination and thus transcends all boundaries.

He translates this into a new musical world in his own unique, unconventional style, in which he mainly sought associations with the human being for this piece. Think of the parallels between a beating heart and the rhythm of music and harmony as a symphony of life. The Metropole Orkrdy can depict this like no other and let you experience how music influences your consciousness, creates energy and takes you to higher spheres. Let yourself be taken into a meditative experience based on new sensory stimuli.

Conductor Simon Dobson will be on stage this evening. Dobson has conducted the orchestra before, including during the acclaimed concert with Tinlicker during the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2023.
The starting time of the concert is subject to change.


Sun 21 Apr, 3:50 pm
013, Tilburg