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Vriendenloterij Zomerconcerten: Stewart Copeland

Police deranged for orchestra

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Hans Ek, dirigent

Together with Steward Copeland, the Metropole Orkest will play during the VriendenLoterij ZomerConcerten at the Concertgebouw.
Copeland, founder and drummer of The Police and versatile composer of opera, ballet, film music and many other things wrote a high energy orchestral version of his favorite songs especially for this evening.

Stewart Copeland has ripped apart and rebuilt the hits of Police, one of Britain’s most legendary bands. He gives brilliant ideas from live concerts a leading role and focuses on fragments that the listener may not have even noticed before. For example, Roxanne, Can’t Stand Losing You and Darkness sound familiar and completely new at the same time when played by Metropole Orkest.

Since The Police split in 1984, Stewart Copeland has been active as a drummer, producer and composer in almost all genres of music. In 2019 all studio albums of The Police were re-mastered. Now it’s time to bring this fresh new look on the music to the stage.


Sat 20 Aug, 8:00 pm
Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam