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Toots 100

Between a smile and a tear

Vince Mendoza, dirigent

Grégoire Maret, mondharmonica

Kenny Werner, piano/keyboard

Philip Catherine, gitaar

Tutu Puoane, zang

Ivan Lins, piano/keyboard

Claudio Lins, zang

Toots Thielemans is known as one of jazz music greats. In 2022 we would like to put the spotlight on this amazing guitar player, harmonica player and whistler once more. That’s why Metropole Orkest, Kenny Werner, Grégoir Maret, Philip Catherine, Ivan Lins, Claudio Lins and Tutu Puoane join forces to give a couple of very specials concerts in the year that he would have turned 100 years old.

The 100th birthday of Toots will be celebrated with special concert in his honour. A unique
arrangement has been made to showcase his rich and full musical career, from the first
jazz-titillations that inspired him, all the way to his last soulful and touching ballads. For this project a selection of Toots’ many collaborators from the past were picked. Musicians whom he admired and loved to work with.

Metropole Orkest started working with Toots in the sixties. The first concert they played together was the Grand Gala du Disque in 1961. Many great projects followed. In the seventies he collaborated with Rogier van Otterloo to create the score of the movie “Turks Fruit”. He always enjoyed working with the orchestra, enjoying the beautiful conversations
between them and himself – much to the delight of the audience.

Kenny Werner (piano/arranger) and Toots had a very unique connection: playful,
challenging, understanding. “Throw me in the deep end, just don’t let me drown”,
Toots declared after their first concert together.

Grégoire Maret (harmonica) is a natural musician, humble and formidable in his own
right. He never tried to imitate Toots and Toots for his part respected and admired him
for his own unique style.

Philip Catherine (guitar) played many concerts with Toots. They were guests on each
other’s birthday concerts and learned one another’s songs backstage. Exchanging
ideas and chords offstage and a musical language onstage. Many unforgettable moments were created between them.

These concerts are a collaboration between Metropole Orkest and The legacy of Toots Thielemans vzw. The concerts are made possible in part by Flanders – State of the Art.

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Sun 14 Aug, 9:30 pm
Jazz Middelheim, Antwerpen