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The Phantom Carriage

Silent movie with newly composed electro-acoustic score

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Sander Teepen, dirigent

Sterre Konijn, zang

Jorrit Tamminga, Live Electronics

No fewer than sixteen composers composed a new electro-acoustic score for this groundbreaking silent film, favorite of Ingmar Bergman. Premiere of this new score, performed live by the Metropole Orkest at Eye Filmmuseum.

‘Phantom Carriage’ is a ernowned silent film, based on the book by Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940), the author of Nils Holgersson’s miraculous journey. Director Sjöström convinces like an expired man who goes through the dust on the other side. As punishment for his unscrupulous existence, after his unfortunate death, he is forced to collect the dead souls in a carriage for a year. But before he starts, his predecessor gives him a tour through time, a journey that makes clear how much havoc he has wrought.

For this film classic, a new electro-acoustic score will be performed by a 22-piece ensemble of the Metropole Orkest including Sterre Konijn (vocals, theremin) and Jorrit Tamminga (live electronics). This new score was composed by no fewer than sixteen Dutch composers in close collaboration under the direction of Bob Zimmerman.

The project was made financially possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten, SENA Performers, Buma Music-in-Motion, Investment Fund Music 2 (thanks to the Kunstenbond/VCTN), and Eye Filmmuseum. An initiative and production of the MiMM (Muziekinstituut MultiMedia –


Sun 18 Dec, 4:00 pm
Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam