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Metropole Orkest Strings & 3MA

Conducted by Vince Mendoza

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Vince Mendoza, dirigent

This November, 3MA will come to the Netherlands to play three very special concerts with the Metropole Orkest Strings, conducted by Vince Mendoza.

3MA consists of the Malian kora (harp lute) magician Ballaké Sissoko, the Moroccan maestro of the oud (an Arab lute) Driss El Maloumi and the Malagasy prince of vahila Rajery. The valiha (tube zither) is an African stringed instrument consisting of a bamboo stick with 20 strings over the whole length, usually made from unwound bicycle brake cables.

Since their debut record in 2008, the 3MA musicians have been through many individual experiences broadening their knowledge. They meet regularly to give 3MA concerts throughout the world and over the years, new ideas have sprung up, and then have been refined, giving birth to new compositions or reworking existing ideas.

A decade after the beginning of their adventure, the three got back into the recording studio to create ‘Anarouz’, their latest album. This new record shows their wonderful connection and mature experience. Each piece is the result of a unique chemistry in which individual parts are hard to define. The sounds of kora, oud and valiha do not try to stand out over each other, but instead develop a common language.
During the concerts, another ‘M’ will be added to the threesome with the Metropole Orkest Strings. Together they will play the music from ‘Anarouz’ in an orchestral version for the very first time.


Fri 11 Nov, 9:00 pm
Meervaart, Amsterdam

Sat 12 Nov, 8:30 pm
LantarenVenster, Rotterdam

Sun 13 Nov, 3:00 pm
Brabanthallen - HAL8, Den Bosch