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Phenomenal psychological thriller in superior version

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Bas Wiegers, dirigent

Like in previous years, in 2018 Metropole Orkest will accompany a silent movie. This year the orchestra will give the movie Blackmail by Alfred Hitchcock a sound.

In Blackmail a young woman escapes a ‘date rape’ by killing her attacker. But like the titel of the movie already reveals, the woman’s misery isn’t over yet.
In his last silent movie, Alfred Hitchock proves his reputation as master of suspense, with a spectacular climax at the British Museum.

Although Blackmail went down in history as Hitchcocks first movie with sound, he also made a silent version of the movie especially for the movie theaters who couldn’t play sound yet. This silent version is far superior in visual terms because of the inventive camerawork.
The accompanying score has been put together by Metropole Orkest and film composer and arranger Bob Zimmerman.


Fri 23 Feb, 8:15 pm
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam