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Metropole Academy presents: Another MOA-Ment

With the talents from the Metropole Academy

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Today’s students are the orchestra members of the future.

The students of the Metropole Academy willprepare for this wonderful concert with chief conductor Jules Buckley for 4 days, assisted by coaches from the Metropole Orkest and the acclaimed German producer Henrik Schwarz.

This evening you can expect a smashing concert by young musical talents. The repertoire will be chosen from recent Metropole Orkest projects, including the Quincy Jones Prom, and music from Henrik Schwarz (arranged by some of the students).

Another MOAment, the adventure of the new generation.

The Metropole Academy is designed for music- and music production students and offers projects that bring extra value to the education of the conservatories and other music programs.

The Metropole Academy is made possible with the help of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Jan en Tina Huizinga Fonds and Sena.


Fri 14 Oct, 8:15 pm
MCO, Hilversum