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ADE Opening concert with Henrik Schwarz

Scripted Orkestra

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Henrik Schwarz, componist / producer

Jules Buckley, dirigent

This year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will open with ‘Scripted Orkestra’, a collaboration between Metropole Orkest and the acclaimed producer/composer/performer Henrik Schwarz.

Although this is the first time Metropole Orkest will perform at ADE, they are no strangers to creating symbioses between orchestral and dance music. In the past they’ve worked with Basement Jaxx, Junkie XL and more recently with Squarepusher. Schwarz on the other hand, is an ADE regular.

Henrik Schwarz has worked with orchestras before, but he expects this particular experience to be very different. “So far I have only worked with ensembles who mostly play classical music. Metropole Orkest plays jazz and pop and I am sure they will also be able to play techno and electronic-inspired music,” he says. “It’s important that the musicians are experienced at playing music that is syncopated.”

Henrik Schwarz will be composing an hour of new music for the project. Metropole Orkest chief conductor Jules Buckley will be his right hand man, helping Schwarz to realize this musical vision through proper orchestral scoring and detailed feedback.


Tue 18 Oct, 8:30 pm
MCO, Hilversum

Wed 19 Oct, 8:30 pm
Melkweg, Amsterdam