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Big leap forward in saving the future of the Metropole Orkest

The efforts of the ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (Ministry of education, culture and science) and The Council of Hilversum to expand the budget of the Metropole Orkest have paid off. Together, they were able to reserve 1 million euros for the orchestra. The ministry reserves 750.000 euros and 250.000 euros is contributed by Hilversum Media Stad. In November, the government and municipal budget will be determined by the House of Representatives and The Council of Hilversum. In previous legislation periods, the subsidy of the orchestra was reduced, with all its consequences.  

Jan Geert Vierkant, managing director Metropole Orkest: “Metropole Orkest is a unique player in the international cultural world. In recent years, the orchestra has delivered impressive achievements such as winning a Grammy, creating the methode ‘Metropole op School’ (now more than 120.000 elementary school students have joined) and winning an Edison Oeuvre Award. The subsidy gives us the chance to work on new successes. I am fully committed to seize this opportunity.”

In May this year, Metropole Orkest rang the alarm bells and send a letter to the council and minister Ingrid van Engelshoven from OCW (Ministry of education, culture and science).

Minister van Engelshoven: “A strong point of the Metropole Orkest is that they, with playing new genres, speak to different audiences. With the extra money, they can keep their top position in both the Netherlands and other countries. This way even more people can experience how beautiful culture is.”

Alderman of Culture Wimar Jaeger: “The orchestra has its roots in the media landscape of Hilversum and works from the Muziekcentrum van de Omroep. In exchange for municipal contribution, the orchestra will be more locally active with education, free lunch concerts, workshops and rehearsals that are free to the public. On a long term, so after 2020, we will work on regional level to maintain the subsidy.”