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Free concert streams December 10 & 17

This month there will be two Sundays on which we will broadcast a concert over on Facebook. The first part of ‘Metropole volgens Kaandorp’ will be broadcasted on Sunday December 10. The second part of this show can be watched on Sunday December 17.  Both streams will start at 20.15 CET.

What happens when a versatile orchestra such as the Metropole Orkest, cooperates with the chaotic comedian Brigitte Kaandorp? Do we even get to play? Or will charming Jules Buckley and music event director Jos Thie be able to make things run smoothly? Those questions will be answered on the 10th en 17th of December.

In 2016 Metropole Orkest went on tour together with Brigitte. During the show, Brigitte presents the orchestra in a unique way. She tells you things you didn’t know about the orchestra members and brings you up to speed about their unexpected talents. Meanwhile, she takes you on a musical journey through the orchestra’s extensive repertoire.

Brigitte Kaandorp: Besides being a comedian who has delivered some classic shows, she is well known for her beloved and well-trained voice. Without a doubt, she can easily sing several genres: a mightily musical song, a classical aria or a tearjerker. It’s no problem for Brigitte Kaandorp.