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MO to record new album with Bokanté

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Bokanté – Jou Ké Ouvè (from the debut album ‘Strange Circles’)

Early January Metropole Orkest will be recording for the new Bokanté album in its studio in Hilversum.

Bokanté is group of eight musicians from four different continents. Band leader is Michael League, mostly known as the front man of Snarky Puppy with whom MO won a Grammy Award in 2016. League met singer Malika Tirolien a few years back in Canada and was, without understanding a singe word, immediately touched and inspired by her vocals in Creole. While on tour with Snarky Puppy and Forq he and Malika wrote music for ‘Strange Circles’, the Bokanté debut album that was released in June 2017.

The band will be recording parts for the album this month in New York, Michael League and Malika Tirolien will be coming to Hilversum in January to record with the orchestra. Like the Bokanté debut album this will be a celebration of connection, unity and love through music.

“Metropole Orkest is my absolute favorite symphonic ensemble in the world for playing contemporary popular music. Their versatility is unmatched, their conductor is not only well-versed in modern styles but visionary as well, and they’re a genuine pleasure to work with. I couldn’t have been happier, and I look forward to many more years of making music together.” – Michael League

The band:
Malika Tirolien – vocals
Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon, Sting), Andre Ferrari (Våsen), Keita Ogawa (Yo-Yo Ma) – percussion
Chris McQueen, Bob Lanzetti (beiden Snarky Puppy) – guitars
Roosevelt Collier (House of God) – lap and pedal steel guitar
Michael League (Snarky Puppy, Forq) – guitars and bass