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Metropole Orkest meets Tin Men

On Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June Metropole Orkest and the band Tin Men and the Telephone will meet for concerts in De Hallen Studio’s in Amsterdam. Or to be exact… interactive concert experiences in which audience participation and improvisation play distinct roles. Ticket sales started yesterday, find more information here.

Tin Men and the Telephone is an Amsterdam based band that employs live electronics, projected visuals, and audience participation in combination with jazz and improvised music to create a one of a kind multimedia experience. They have developed their own smartphone app “Tinmendo”, which allows audience members to actively take part in the performances in real time. This app will be the focus point for the collaboration between Metropole Orkest and Tin Men, the underlying tech is being revised to facilitate influencing a full orchestra. With that the concert will not just be in the hands of Tony Roe and MO chief conductor Jules Buckley, the audience will play a vital part! It will be able to create chords, melodies and rhythms for the ensemble to improvise on.

This project has been made possible with financial support by ‘Toekomstmuziek!’, a program by Fonds 21, and the Creative Industries Fund NL.