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German premiere ‘Die Neue Wildnis’

On April 8, the Metropole Orkest travels to Essen in Germany for the premiere of ‘Die Neue Wildnis‘: the stunning movie about wildlife in the Netherlands, one of Europe’s most crowded countries. As of April 9 the movie will be shown in over a hundred cinemas in Germany.

‘De Nieuwe Wildernis’ was a big hit in Dutch cinemas and won a Rembrandt Award for best Dutch movie in 2014 (these are the Dutch Oscars). For a period of two years, a camerateam followed the lives of foxes, geese, kingfishers, deer and the biggest herd of wild horses in Europe. All of which are living in the Oostvaardersplassen. The result is a wildlife movie beyond anything that was ever made in the Netherlands.

NBTC Holland Marketing uses this premiere as the starting point for a big promotional campaign in Germany about nature and wildlife in the Netherlands. The movie is the perfect opportunity to highlight a surprising piece of our small but beautiful country abroad. Or to cut it short: ‘Holland like you’ve never seen before!’

In Germany the story of ‘Die Neue Wildnis’ is being told by Hannes Jaenicke. He’s a successful German actor and a big nature lover.

Have a look at the German trailer for ‘Die Neue Wildnis’ below: