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Evening of Film Music on Dutch TV

Music can raise a movie to a higher level. And in the past years lots of beautiful and impressive film music was written given the concerts of the Evening of Film Music! Just to name a few: the themes of James Bond, E.T., Süskind and American Beauty. Plus some Dutch beauties like Turkish Delight, Soldier of Orange and the New Wilderness.
The music at the Evening of Film Music is introduced by host Ruben Nicolai and several Dutch guest speakers who will introduce their favorite music with a personal anecdote. Don’t worry in case you don’t speak Dutch, you can still enjoy the beautiful music!

The Evening of Film Music is broadcasted on the following moments:
• Friday March 27th at 00:20 GMT+1 (which technically is March 28th) here
• Friday April 3rd at 20:30 GMT+1 here
• Monday April 6th at 7:38 GMT+1 here

Or you can watch it here any time you want!