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Did Anyone say lion?

At the Cannes Lions 2013, the Metropole Orchestra concept, Tweetphony, was awarded a Golden Lion in the public relations category!  This was the eighth award for the production.

Other Tweetphony awards include: Silver Esprix Award, SAN Accent (non-profit category), Silver Spin Award (social media), Silver Spin Award (content), ADCN, Golden Lamp and Silver Lamp, Golden Medal of Montreux, Webby Award for Best Entertainment Website, IAC (internet advertising competition), and Best Music Social Media campaign.

Twitter Concert Friday, October 26, 2013

With the idea ‘Let the Metropole Orchestra Play’ in mind, the Metropole Tweetphony premiered. This first ever Tweetphony was conducted to raise attention for the threatened orchestra. In the Metropole Tweetphony, the orchestra played musical tweets that tweeters from all over the world sent in.
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Composer For A Day

Anyone could submit a short musical piece of up to 140 characters using the website The website then transformed the compositions into a tweet to the Metropole Orchestra. The best tweets were arranged within ½ hour and played by the 52 musicians. After the performance every composer received a message with a link to the video recording of his/her Tweetphony. It was also possible to follow the Metropole Tweetphony live via the website

Creative Action

Alex Herwig of the Havas Worldwide Bureau and Jeroen Thissen were both responsible for the Tweetphony. Herwig: “Tweetphony is a form of creative action rather than advertisement. The combination of online and offline made it a real tangible project. People really made the orchestra play their piece. I had goose bumps more than once that day when I heard the 52 musicians play. It is only fair that the Metropole Orchestra is now saved!”