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Winner of 4 Grammy Awards
24 Grammy Nominations

Paul van der Feen

2nd Alto Saxophone / Clarinet

©Ejam Maail

Paul was raised in a family that shares great interest for music. He started playing clarinet in a jazz band with his brothers when he was 11 years old. Next to jazz they listened a lot to classic music. As soon as they could walk they were brought to concerts with great varieties. In their house pop music was taboo; Paul and his brothers secretly listened to pop music.

His musical heroes are Benny Goodman, Paul Desmond, Bach, John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter. There are several artists who were purely a phase in his life: Ravel, Mahler, Shostakovich, Wagner, de Beatles, Peter Gabriel and Scriabin.

Next to his music he enjoys to play tennis very much; he even has a machine for cannon balls. Next to this Paul enrolled for a Theology Bachelor as this subject fascinates him a lot.