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Metropole Orkest Cellos – 2022


The Metropole Orkest Cellos – Joel Siepmann, Emile Visser, Annie Tångberg en Jascha Albracht – combine a broad musical taste and knowledge with a good dose of creativity and improvisation. The MO Cellos specialize in crossover and play classics from dance, pop and light classical music in self-written arrangements.

In the tradition of the Metropole Orkest, the cello group shows a versatile sound. Their album ‘Metrocelli’ was released in October 2021. The album contains gems from the Metropole repertoire and a remarkable mix of classics from pop music in the broadest sense. From Dolf van der Linden to Nirvana.

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Thu 10 Nov, 8:15 pm
Maaspoort, Venlo

Fri 2 Dec, 8:15 pm
Energiehuis, Machine 3, Dordrecht

Thu 15 Dec, 8:15 pm
Toon Hermans Theater (De Domijnen), Sittard