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Pop & Jazz Orchestra

Winner of 4 Grammy Awards
22 Grammy Nominations

Tijdloos – Metropole Orkest Cellos

Joel Siepmann - Emile Visser - Jascha Albracht - Annie TĂ„ngberg

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The four cellists of the Metropole Orkest prove how versatile a cello can really be.
The quartet combines a broad musical taste and knowledge with a good dose of creativity and improvisation. The MO Cellos are specialists in crossover and play classics from dance, pop and light classical music in a self-composed program.

The Metropole Orkest Cellos play for the temporary residents of the Tijdloos campsite on the Ermerstrand in Drenthe.


Sun 16 Aug, 8:30 pm
Recreatiepark Ermerstrand, Erm