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Metropole Orkest plays Robert Long

An ode to the chansonnier

Sander Teepen, dirigent

Karin Bloemen, zang

Gerard Cox, zang

Joke Bruijs, zang

Richard Groenendijk, zang

Jenny Arean, zang

Jan Dulles, zang

Sjors van der Panne, zang

Roberto de Groot, zang

Julia Herfst, zang

Tommie Christiaan, zang

Wil van der Meer, zang

On October 22 2018, Robert Long would have celebrated his 75th birthday. For Metropole Orkest and twelve amazing Dutch artists this is the perfect moment to honour him and his memorable contribution to Dutch music.

On October 22 and 23, Metropole Orkest will play Longs Dutch repertoire once again, this time in the Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. Both evenings, the orchestra will share the stage with Karin Bloemen, Gerard Cox, Joke Bruijs, Richard Groenendijk, Jenny Arean, Tommie Christiaan, Maaike Widdershoven, Wil van der Meer, Jan Dulles, Julia Herfst, Roberto de Groot en Sjors van der Panne.


Mon 22 Oct, 8:00 pm
Nieuwe Luxor, Rotterdam

Tue 23 Oct, 8:00 pm
Nieuwe Luxor, Rotterdam