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Partner Gerrard Street supplies modular headphones

Metropole Orkest and the Dutch audio brand Gerrard Street have partnered up. After a successful trial, Gerrard Street recently delivered 50 modular headphones. Gerrard Street founder Tom Leenders: “We have developed headphones with a wonderful sound and an even better service. Headphones that are used a lot also wear out quickly. The Metropole Orkest contacted us because our mission to combat e-waste fits in perfectly with their daily practice.”

Metropole Orkest usually plays amplified music. To ensure that the musicians can hear each other well, they use a specially developed monitor system. Sound engineer Dirk Overeem: “Our orchestra members and conductors plug in in-ears or headphones into a monitor box. It is, as it were, the last link in our audio chain. The sound just has to be perfect. Every rehearsal and each concert. Headphones are used intensively and we have worn out quite a few over the years.”

Now that the Metropole Orkest uses Gerrard Street’s modular headphones, it’s no longer necessary to throw them away if a small part is broken or worn out.

Trumpeter Rik Mol: “We recently put the headphones together with Tom and immediately experienced how easy it is to replace parts. Equally important, the headphones are remarkably comfortable. We can easily spend 5/6 hours with headphones on and then it shouldn’t start to irritate.”

Tom Leenders: “We are extremely proud of the collaboration with the Metropole Orkest and honored that these top musicians have chosen our headphones! Because we are fans of the orchestra, we have come up with another way for us to support the orchestra. Together we are releasing limited editions of our Prince and Day headphones. When you purchase the Gerrard Street x MO headphones 30% of the proceeds are donated to the orchestra.”

The MO X Gerrard Street headphones are available through this webpage (only available in The Netherlands and Belgium).


Gerrard Street

Ever found yourself buying a new device, simply because a small defect couldn’t be repaired? Sucks right?Because devices are becoming more and more difficult to take apart, your old device is probably ‘thermally recycled’ – fancy term for ‘burnt’. And worst of all; electronic waste is still dumped on fields in Africa, where it ends up in open fires.

The Dutch audio brand Gerrard Street wants to change this industry. And as true music lovers, they developed headphones with an amazing sound and unbeatable service; lifetime free repairs. Had an accident?  Ear cushions a little worn? Order a replacement part for free. You will also receive a return envelope, so that Gerrard Street can reuse or recycle your old part. They always offer this service, for the rest of your life!