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Metropole Orkest & Kovacs

Meet again

Kovacs, zang

Jochen Neuffer, dirigent

Sharon Kovacs, the shaved-headed singer with the raw and dark sound. This June, the young talent and the Metropole Orkest will once again share the stage.

In 2013 the world got introduced to Kovacs. She released her debut single ‘My Love’, which led to performances at Noth Sea Jazz and Lowlands. Her first album ‘Shades of Black’ was released in 2015 in 36 countries and became number 1 in the Dutch hit parade. It was clear: Kovacs is something different. Her voice is raw and dark and her songs are pure and sincere. With her music and extraordinary appearance she sold out venues, received multiple awards and got over sixty million views on YouTube.

In 2016, Metropole Orkest and Kovacs started their collaboration. In Hilversum and Amsterdam they performed the special orchestration of ‘Shaded of Black’. This year, her second album will also be translated to orchestral music. Kovacs released her album ‘Cheap Smell’ in 2018. With this album she is looking for the positive moments in dark times.

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Sat 29 May, 8:30 pm
Openluchttheater Caprera, Bloemendaal

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Sun 30 May, 8:15 pm
Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Eindhoven